About Shepherd's Table

Situated in the heart of downtown Silver Spring, Shepherd’s Table serves individuals from all walks of life. We address food insecurity and homelessness through an array of programs designed to both meet immediate needs and provide sustained social support. Our mission is to improve quality of life, create a pathway towards self-sufficiency, and inspire hope for the most vulnerable. We envision a DMV where lives are transformed with nourishment, empowerment and care. As an organization, we’re defined by four key values:


We strive to strengthen our community’s sense of safety and solidarity. Our impact and success rely upon our ability to be inclusive, harnessing the unique perspectives of all clients, volunteers, staff, and supporters.


We welcome everyone to the table and believe that each person should be treated with dignity and kindness.


We are a constant and trusted resource for people in need. We are committed to providing healthy meals and social services for our clients every day of the year.


We value the ongoing collaboration, partnership and support needed to fulfill our mission. Together, we will design and implement innovative solutions to meet our community’s needs.

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SHEPHERD'S TABLE: By The Numbers (2022)


Breakfast Meals Served 17,913
Lunch Meals Served — 21,327
Dinner Meals Served — 22745
Brunch Meals Served — 13396
Meals Distributed Through Beyond the Table — 38853

TOTAL: 136,234


Individual contacts — 8,311
Unduplicated clients — 683
New Clients — 533
Prescriptions filled — 233
Mailing logged in — 11,735
Lawyer referrals — 28
Blanket distributed — 234


Clothing Closet visits — 888

Eye exams — 247
Eyeglasses — 246
Cataract and glaucoma referrals — 15
Cataract and glaucoma treatment costs – $6,460