“Comfort Food Challenge”: What’s Your Stay-Home Food?

Shepherd’s Table invites you to join our “Comfort Food Challenge,” starting on April 24th!  

We challenge you to make a fun food/drink video about your favorite comfort food/drink while you’re safe at home. Next, challenge your friends to do the same by tagging at least 5 of them in your social media post. Use our hashtag #STComfortFoodChallenge in the caption. You have 24 hours to complete it and must upload a video! If you choose to skip the challenge, please donate $5 to Shepherd’s Table to help provide free meals and essential services to people in need.  

The purpose is to encourage you, our supporters who are at home and unable to come in, to participate in a fun and stress-relieving activity. Hopefully, in a small way, it helps you navigate through this challenging and stressful time while connecting with your friends and community. At the same time, we want to spread awareness about our mission and our fight against food insecurity, homelessness, and poverty, one meal, or service at a time.

We believe that this would be a great fun way to bring Shepherd’s Table and our mission closer to our community. 






Here is a video of our staff taking on the Comfort Food Challenge! 

It is meant to be fun, and we hope that you will have fun with it! Share your video with us and follow us on social media:

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About Shepherd’s Table: Shepherd’s Table is a non-profit organization, founded in 1983, whose mission is to provide help to people who are homeless or in need by providing basic services, including meals, social services, medical support, clothing, and other assistance in an effective and compassionate manner.

We provide: 

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the week, brunch, and dinner on the weekends and holidays
  • Information/referrals, mailing address, telephone, prescription assistance, and more at our Resource Center 
  • Weekly Clothes Closet program (temporarily closed during Covid-19)
  • Eye exams and prescription glasses in the Eye Clinic (temporarily closed during Covid-19)
  • Bilingual Counselor services

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