Eye Clinic:

The Eye Clinic addresses the need for vision testing, glaucoma screening, and prescription eyeglass service for patients without vision insurance. Opened in 1999, all services provided in the Eye Clinic are free for our guests. Dr. Bernetta Davis is our resident physician.
The Eye Clinic is open on Tuesdays starting at 10am. Patients must meet the eligibility requirements in order to access services.
Referrals must be submitted by case workers and faxed to the Eye Clinic’s attention at along with proof of income and Montgomery County residency.

Eye Clinic Eligibility Screening Form

Eligibility to receive free eye care:
  • Must be an adult 18 years old or older.
  • Must be a resident of Montgomery County.
  • Household income must be below 175% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • Must not have medical insurance that covers vision care.
  • Must be referred by an authorized Montgomery County government or private nonprofit agency.
What to do on the day of your appointment:
  • Arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment
  • Bring photo ID
  • Check in with the Eye Clinic assistant
  • Complete the forms