Join Our Board of Directors

JOIN THE SHEPHERD’S TABLE BOARD OF DIRECTORS – HELP US MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Shepherd’s Table is currently in search of new board member candidates for the 2020 Board of Directors slate. Join a dynamic, committed and passionate organization making a difference in our community. This Silver Spring-based nonprofit organization is instrumental to the daily lives

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Kindness and Compassion Still Reign in Some Places

Between the mass shootings, hateful tweets, and pre-election year rancor there are plenty of reasons to think that kindness and compassion are at an all-time low in our country. In fact, it’s hard to turn on the news and not get a little depressed or at least angry at the alarming rise of incivility. Prior to becoming Executive Director of Shepherd’s

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Shattering Stereotypes and Misperceptions

Dear Friends, Recently, I had the opportunity to sit with one of our meal guests/resource center clients to discuss an issue he was having with mail access, which is one of many services offered by our Resource Center. After discussing his concerns and coming up with a solution, I asked him how he first became

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